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KerryIn her role of supporting our clients, Kerry is here for people from start to close of their workers’ compensation case. When clients come to our firm, she’s here to greet them and tell them it’s going to be okay. Kerry also helps our attorneys file court documents and communicate with insurance carriers. Basically, she handles the day-to-day non-legal issues that arise in all workers’ compensation cases, to free up our attorneys to obtain the best result possible for our clients. “Really, we solve their problems,” Kerry explains regarding the peace of mind she brings people.

Before joining our team, Kerry worked with another firm that represented insurance carriers. “I felt myself, even on the cases we were litigating on behalf of the insurance company, take the side of the injured worker. I thought, ‘Maybe I need to make a change.’ I began to look for other opportunities and that led me to Pezzano Law Group. I just really like to help people; it’s in my nature, and that’s what draws everyone here. Everyone here is like a family.”

When asked about her role, Kerry says she enjoys the variety of tasks she manages and the opportunity to help people get the treatment they need. “Every day is different. Many of our clients need medical treatment, which we help expedite. A lot of times when they call in, they’ re really upset. They are in pain and don’t know what to do. When we can get them the treatment they need, that’s very rewarding; it means everything to me. If I can answer questions and put someone at ease — that ’s a lot of what we do here.”

A desire to help people seems to run in the family. Kerry is a committee chair for the local Boy Scouts chapter, and both her sons are in the Scouts. Her elder son is finishing up his Eagle Scout project: renovating and landscaping an outdoor space for a local women’s shelter.

We’re grateful to have someone as passionate about helping people as Kerry, and if you ever visit our offices, we know you will be too.

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