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Meet Emily - our Client Intake SpecialistBringing her expertise in finance and administrative support, Emily enthusiastically joins our team as our “Client Intake Specialist.”  With a profound aspiration to pursue a legal career, her passion lies in providing support to individuals during their most vulnerable moments, fueling her drive to make a positive impact.

Emily’s professional journey has equipped her with a solid understanding of confidentiality obligations, and she possesses a wealth of experience in handling sensitive information with utmost discretion and professionalism. Her commitment to maintaining client trust is unwavering.

With a strong focus on exceptional client service, Emily is determined to offer swift and accurate assistance to clients, addressing their inquiries and concerns with empathy and efficiency. She recognizes the significance of building positive relationships with clients and takes pride in fostering connections based on trust and respect.

During her leisure time, Emily finds joy in playing golf and actively participates in a local women’s league, honing her skills on the course. Beyond her love for the sport, she cherishes the company of her beloved King Charles Spaniel and delights in embarking on hiking adventures, immersing herself in the beauty of nature.

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