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What Is The Maximum Amount Of Time That I May Collect Temporary Disability Benefits Through Workers’ Compensation?

  • By: Lisa J. Pezzano
  • Published: September 13, 2019

Temporary disability benefits are, by their very nature, “temporary.” The maximum period of time that you may collect temporary disability benefits is 450 weeks (approximately 8.5 years). However, you must be under active medical treatment during this period to qualify for continued lost wage benefits. To be considered “active,” the medical treatment must help you progress towards an increase in function, not just alleviate your symptoms temporarily. For instance, injections, physical therapy, or surgical intervention are all modalities which constitute active medical treatment. Going back to your doctor once every three months for prescription medication is generally not sufficient to constitute active medical treatment, to qualify you for continued temporary disability benefits. Accordingly, you should use the time you are out of work wisely by considering other occupations and job opportunities to prepare yourself to return to the workforce.

Lisa J. Pezzano

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