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A Few Words From Maria


At Pezzano Law Group, we’re lucky to have a knowledgeable, capable staff to help our attorneys dominate in the courtroom.

One of those team members is Maria. Maria is a paralegal who’s been here since the early days, shortly after Lisa opened her own law firm in 2001. She began with us part-time when her children were little, and she has flourished into a full-time, indispensable part of our team.

Maria’s interest in law was first sparked while working as a receptionist at a firm. “Paralegals would give me their overflow work, and it turned out to be something that immediately interested me,” says Maria. “I went to paralegal school, and here I am.”

With young children at home, Maria focused on raising them. As they got older, however, she felt a pull to return to her legal career. While browsing the wanted ads, she saw Lisa’s listing for a paralegal.

“We clicked right away,” Maria says about her interview with Lisa. “My primary job is to ease the load off Lisa so she can go to court and fight for the worker. I push a lot of paper, and I’m also the primary source of contact for a client. I find it really challenging and rewarding. We’re working with clients who are injured, who are fathers, husbands, single parents, dependent on a check to feed their family, to fuel their car.

“One of my very first legal jobs was in workers’ comp insurance, but on the side of the defense. I found out pretty quickly I didn’t want to be on that side.

“Now that I’m on the side of the injured worker who’s just trying to get what they’re owed so they can support themselves and their families, it’s very fulfilling.”

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